Time after Time


Bringing together a body of work about nuclear power in Caffi Siop Mechell, the community cafe close to the Wylfa site ...more

Experimental drawing workshop at Oriel Ynys Mon


linked to the current exhibition Discovery in Archaeology at Oriel Ynys Mon a workshop to explore discovery through drawing processes and conversation.

The show in Sapporo


Thirty six views of a nuclear power station, the Wylfa video, a back to back pair of Story-Telling series of photographs and a slide show of 70 images and text in the form of single kanji, entitled One Word, Many Meanings. All 'work in progress' as I only had a week after getting back from Fukushima to put the show together. Lots more there to work on back home but now some more travel in Japan before leaving this fascinating country. ...more

Working towards a final show


The 36 Views of Wylfa after Hokusai are finished at last. ...more

Earthquake in Sapporo


The instability of the nuclear industry in Japan ...more

Japan residency


I am spending one month in Sapporo, Hokkaido island as a guest of S'Air. ...more