The concrete fence

Working towards a final show

The 36 Views of Wylfa after Hokusai are finished at last.
The more I went on with this series the more the titles became remote from nuclear power and it seems to be all about the environment and nature with the unspoken blot hanging over it all. All 36 done now, with some spares. Quite pleased with the prints although it took a disproportionate time considering it was conceived as just a warm up exercise and to ease me into the residency! However being in Japan where industry really is God has reminded me of how stunningly beautiful Anglesey is - how strange to think of building a power statin there.
The biggest challenge was the language - having learnt, with some help, to write titles in a combination of the three Japanese alphabets, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana, I then went on to work on a more ambitious slide show with single Japanese words only - all about the cross cultural differences and potential for misunderstandings - One Word Many Meanings. Going to be rush to get the rough cut done for Monday.