Time after Time

Bringing together a body of work about nuclear power in Caffi Siop Mechell, the community cafe close to the Wylfa site
My exhibition Time after Time, October to December 2022 was an opportunity to bring together several strands of my work around nuclear power and the Wylfa site which continues to be a contested site. The Thirty Six Views of Wylfa after Hokusai, previously shown in the National Eisteddfod belonged here in the neighbourhood where all the vantage points could be identified and pondered. it was more of a provocation to the local community who remain deeply divided about the pros and cons of nuclear power. My aim was to stimulate discussion rather than propose an easy judgement. What was interesting, for me at least, was to link to Japan and my residency there. The cafe had hosted, back in the Horizon days, several trips from Japanese journalists trying to gauge the local opinions, while Horizon gave money to local community ventures, such as this venue.