Utsumi no hashi - Bridge over the inland sea.

More on the 36 views series

This is an exercise in translation and reaching across cultural divide. I am trying to write Japanese text on my 'after Hokusai' series. Originally I was going to use the text for something more subversive about nuclear power (hidden to the English speaker) - now I see that even presenting the subject in a slightly tongue in cheek, even romantic way is more meaningful so I am simplifying the titles. But not so easy - how do you write vertical text using a Japanese script? Turns out there are three scripts on offer, all used for different things. So far I have settled on Katakana and have learnt to write my name, as signature, by using the phonetic. When it comes to other things I also need to use Kanji, Chinese characters, and this has so far defeated me. I like the fact that this is a project I can't do alone and will have to call for some more help. In the image here I have used my name twice to fill the space where the title text should be. One step at a time. I have got lots of other projects on the go at the same time so I won't spend too much more time on this - pleased with the way the 36 images are looking though.